Open Job: App Developer

Come make people around the world safer by working with our personal safety startup!

This position will be under our CTO, Rich. He’s in Las Vegas. Our CEO is in San Francisco. You can be just about anywhere in North America.

The centre of our biz model is our API, but we’re also doing mobile apps too. Android is first.

- Experience with native Android development
- Knoweldge of Android SDK 11+ requirements
- OOP Expertise

Would be nice:
- Android threading experience
- PHP experience
- Building of Android libraries and/or development tools
- iOS development (after our Android adventures)

We have a small budget to get you some payment. The salary is not completely competitive, but we are also OK with someone with consistent part-time time. We only have a little bit of seed funding, but need to spend that on dev.

Please email info AT check in on DOT me with your resume, code samples to impress our CTO, and your LinkedIn URL.


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